SNASharp v2019_06_30_0

A new version of SNASharp is available.

program files can be directly downloaded here .

There is not embeded installer, you must simply unpack the zip archive and run the executable.

Like previous releases you need .NET Framework 4.0 to run the program. Minimal supported operating system is Windows XP SP2, but it work fine on all recents versions of windows (32 and 64 bits). You can also run the program under Linux system (or Apple Mac OSX ) using Mono Framework

Under Mac OSX you need to force the 32 bits version of Mono ( .NET Winform is not fully supported on 64 bits architecture)

Command line : mono  — arch=32  SNASharp.exe

Bug fix:

  • A bad calibration file was used in rare case (the issue is related to a wrong choise of attenuation level setup), this occur only with analyseur models NWT70,NWT500,NWT300. Full fixed now.
  • The VFO stop command now work on D6 analyser.
  • Device editor « delete » option was removed ( not working)
  • Transformer combo box removed ( useless)
New « analyse only » feature

Improvments/new features

  • Minimal configuration : SNASharp can now run efficiently on 1024*768 display configuration. This can be usefull if you own an old laptop computer.
  • SNASharp start on full resolution available ( like the majority of PC software).
  • Some improvments on crystal analyzer function
    • A « Analyse only » button was added. Using this new function:
      • Automatic tracking is unactived, the user must zoom manualy to crystal resonances range ( like screen capture above).
      • The sampling resolution is not forced, they can be defined by the user.
      • Detector is not forced, user car select the best detector ( linear if we need only serie resonnance, both in all others case).
      • With this new option, is easy to fastly sort a big set of crystal ( by frequency and quality factor)

(Full auto mode is identical to previous crystal analysis function, the sotware automaticly fix capture resolution, detector, and scan wide frequency range to found the stronger crystal resonnance).

SNASharp on 1024*768 Windows XP machine

David, F4HTQ.

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