SNASharp v2021_07_03_0

This new release of SNASharp embeds new features, bugfix, and new supported analyzers

The build can be directly downloaded here

There is no embeded installer, you must simply unpack the zip archive and run the executable.

Like previous releases you need .NET Framework 4.0 to run the program. Minimal supported operating system is Windows XP SP2, but it work fine on all recents versions of Windows (32 and 64 bits). You can also run the program under Linux system (or Apple Mac OSX ) using Mono Framework

Under Mac OSX you need to force the 32 bits version of Mono ( .NET Winform is not fully supported on 64 bits architecture)

Command line : mono  — arch=32  SNASharp.exe


  • Hide label for non visible curve
  • zoom frame now disapear when the mouse leave the spectrum windows
  • Remove level display when the mouse leave the spectrum windows.
  • Add analyzer model on bottom graph display
  • And the major improvement : display layer management was rewritent to be compatible with recent buggy mono version. You can run this version on recent mono release with fast and nice display.

New supported analyzers:

  • NWT200 (work fine, really nice analyser)

Geekcreit®_LTDZ_35-4400M definition file was updated to a best match with analyzer (poor) performances.

Don’t hesitate to put a comment below this article if you have any question.


Source code available on github :

11 réflexions sur « SNASharp v2021_07_03_0 »

  1. Bsr,
    MERCI pour ce travail,David. J’ai acheté un D6 d’occasion et je ne me suis pas encore occupé de son cas…. Je suis nul en informatique mais je vais bien lire tout ce que vous avez écrit!! Ca devrait le faire!
    73’s alain, f5lwx

      • Bonsoir François.

        Tu as un D6 ou un LTDZ ?
        J’ai approvisionné 2 LTDZ l’été dernier, mais ils ne fonctionnent pas avec SNASharp.
        Ils sont bien reconnus par le logiciel, mais quand on lance une mesure on trouve toujours une courbe plate à 0dB…
        David s’est penché sur le problème, les tests qui avaient été faits précédemment avec un LTDZ étaient bons, mais il est possible que le firmware ait été modifié (même si ça affiche la même version).
        Par contre, mes LTDZ fonctionnent correctement avec WinNWT4 et VMA.
        73 de Fabrice, F5HCC.

        • Hello Fabrice,
          Is it possible that your LTDZ has a different processor?
          The older ones did have: STM32F103C 8T6
          the newer ones has a different processor
          STM32F103 4T6

          Less memory and different firmware,
          so please look on your processor


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  3. Hello Manoes , My name is Marco , F8VOA , and I have the same problem but my processor is a STM32F 103 C6T6A . LTDZ mod V5.0
    Any update for this device ?
    Thank you very much and 73 , Marco

  4. Hello Marco,
    sorry for the late response I was o holiday.

    I do not know a solution, the problem is the flash memory
    C8 = 64k
    C6 = 32k
    C4 = 16k

    So if somebody can write new firmware that is a bit smaller,
    there could be a solution. or put a better processor in the unit.

    Sorry I do not have a solution now.

    thanks succes

    • Hello all,
      The right processor stm32f103 c8t6at can be found on Aliexpress for some Euro’s again…. so it’s a replaceble item again.
      Good luck all.


  5. Did you ever check the MAX2870 based devices, like the NWT6000 model with SMA.
    Im curious if there is some obvious mods? or SNAsharp settings that I need to dial in for ideal performance?
    Got one of the cheaper variants of the NWT6000 quite a few years back (the unit with SMA, not N-socket), costed a tad over 100 bucks.(USD)
    This unit, seems to work from 22Mhz to 6.5Ghz
    I really like the ablelity to adjust sweeppoints on the Snasharp,what the upper ballpark for sweeppoints on SNASsharp.

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